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Kids culture corner
Kids Culture Corner
Kids Culture Corner is a fun site to learn about our world. You will find interesting facts, music, folktales, games and activities, recipes, history, holidays, famous people and languages from around the world.

Games From Around the World

Recipes From Around the World

Multi-cultural books for kids!

Global Awareness Puzzle
Time to play! See how fast you can assemble all the pieces of the Global Awareness puzzle! Can you guess what the picture depicts? Put all the pieces together and find out!
Global Awareness Puzzle (flash game)

Country Brochures
Learn more about other countries around the world by reading one of our Global Awareness country brochures! You will find a picture and description of the country’s flag and information on the animals found in that country. Click here!

Sounds From Around the World
What does a cat sound like in Japan? What does a firetruck sound like in Italy? Listen to recordings by children from all over the world! Click here!

communicationKid’s Experience

What are Kids Saying About Global Awareness?
Find out what other kids are saying about the Global Awareness program! Click here!

Tips from Kids Traveling and Living Abroad
Read tips on traveling from Frequent travelers! You will learn what it’s like to move from one country to another and come to understand the challenges of adapting to another culture and learning a new language. Read what one kid had to say, click here.

Celebrations in Other Parts of the World

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated in January and February?

What’s happening around the world in March?

St Patrick’s Day Around the World

What’s happening in Thailand in April?

What’s happening in South Korea in May?

What’s happening in June in Sweden?

What’s happening in July in France?

What’s happening in August in South Africa, Italy, HungaryUkraine and Malaysia?

What’s happening in September/October in Germany?

What’s happening in December in:  Austria, Sweden (2) Malaysia, Ukraine